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''These days my art making explores perception through the process of things - that synchronicity and dialogue between the inner and outer.​


This involves both distillation and exploration, often moving back and forth between figuration and abstraction, ​between form and no form,

observing, always ready for the mysterious to reveal itself.​


I keep finding parallels in the balance between being present and letting go, ​and how they rest ​at the heart of both'.


Sidd's artistic language involves various media and approaches. Already in Art School he sought a multi-media context, opting for Theatre Design in order to fulfill this curiosity and interest. Currently his exploration involves the plastic arts. However they are constantly influenced by his experiences and passion for spatial arts too. 


Sidd was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His very early years were spent in Singapore, before returning to England for formal education. He studied stage design for theatre and television and received a degree at Central School of Art, London.
Later he received a post-graduate diploma in art education at London University, and a Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship.
The inner calling took him East and since then he has lived in many countries worldwide, currently residing in Japan.

His work as an artist includes exhibitions and commissions for corporate and private clients in, Europe, USA, India and Asia.

As a designer Sidd has worked in many fields, including productions for contemporary and classical ballet in Europe and India,  landscape and garden design in India and USA .

As an illustrator and graphic artist, He has contributed to publications for various USA and UK publishers.​
His  career as a teacher began as an art lecturer in London. and he has since developed a personal  teaching process, currently leading
his own workshops in Europe and Japan, designed to inspire creativity out of meditation for individuals and groups.​

BA(Hons), 3-Dimensional Design  - Theatre & Stage design

A.T.D.(London)   Art Teachers Diploma


Loughborough College of Art UK

Central  & St Martins School of Art & Design London UK

London University, Bedford College UK

Recent Exhibitions                 

’12 Ichibata Gallery, solo exhibition, Matsue Japan
    Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

    AuraSophia, solo representation, Matsue Japan

13 Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

    AuraSophia, solo representation, Matsue Japan

14 Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

    AuraSophia, solo representation, Matsue Japan

    Ajisai gallery solo exhibition, Kobe Japan

15 Aura Soma international conference, Tokyo Japan

    AuraSophia, solo representation, Matsue Japan

    Honenin, solo exhibition, Kyoto Japan

    Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

16 Yokaan gallery, solo exhibitionKyoto Japan

    Unica Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

17 Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Kyoto Japan

    Yokaan gallery solo exhibition, Kyoto Japan

    Unica Gallery, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

18 Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Kyoto Japan

19 Medel Gallery,, solo exhibition, Tokyo Japan

20 OpenStudio show, Nishinomiya Japan

21 OpenStudio show, Nishinomiya Japan

22 Star Poets Gallery, solo exhibition, Kyoto Japan

Selection of Private Collections                      

Dipak  Bannerjee, Singapore

Buddhist Society, Singapore

Arpita  Farn,Taipei Taiwan

O'Byrne, London UK
Brackman, Fairfax  CA
David Levine, Sedona AZ
Mayori Allen, Larkspur CA
Zareen Mehta, Pune India
Mehli Mistri, Mumbai India
Jan Svinson, Stockholm Sweden
Gwyn Chander, Brazil
Bridget Hammers, Amsterdam Netherlands
Rob Verschut, The Hague Netherlands

Adri Oradias, Glyfida Greece

Gretchen Helmer, Amsterdam  Netherlands

Kazi, Sanomiya Japan

Kinue, Tokyo,Japan

Rieko Kuroda, Ashiya Japan

​Selection of Design Projects


Osho Meditation Resort- gardens and recreational areas India
Maharastra State Sports City, India - masterplan
Leela Kempinski Hotel group ,India - residential complex
Hindustan Lever,India - staff residential project
Brady Gladys Mill, Bombay -terrace gardens and waterbodies
Nanoli Stud Farm - guest and residential compound
Sahara Airlines estate, Luknow India - masterplan
Bombay Aquarium - masterplan
Bombay Safari Park - masterplan
Mistri( ANZ Grindleys), Pune India -  residence
Regency Hotel, Pune India -garden restaurant
Vindravan Hotel, Pune India - garden restaurant

Eden Garden, Pune India - garden restaurant

Interior & space design

 Osho Meditation Resort- administration, residential restaurant and activity areas 

Regency Hotel  Maharastra India - Reception and lobby​

Blue Lotus Mumbai India - corporate interiors
Osho International UK gallery offices - project consultant
& various private residential projects

Publications Design      

History of the Future, Simon & Schuster, New York (book design ,illustrations and jacket art)
Wonder Child,  Simon & Schuster, New York (illustrations)
AfterLife, Viking  Studio Books, New York (illustrations and jacket art)

And Now and Here ,Element Books, UK (jacket art)

CD cover art for various New Age music labels , Europe,  Japan &USA

Toward Holistic History, Atherton Press (jacket art)
Angels in Boots – Book Design and illustration
Being Creative/Creative Being - Book Design and illustration

Stage Design  UK                        

London Contemporary Dance Theatre​Ballet Rambert
Royal Ballet Touring Company
Strider Dance Company
Northern Dance Theatre
Young Vic Theatre, London
Doctor Who



UK State School Art Programme

Lecturer - Central School of Art & Design , London

UK Arts Council lecture program

Creative Vision for Life - Founder, Creative Inspiration Teacher, Art Therapist


History of the Future, Simon & Schuster, New York
Paper works, Chronicle Books, San Francisco USA

Inklings, Blurb publications, USA

Mundi, Blurb publications, USA

Regardless, Blurb publications, USA

The Gate is open, Blurb publications, USA

Ecstatic Zero, Blurb publications, USA

Being Creative/Creative Being, Creative Vision for Life, Japan


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship

UK Arts Council Grant Award for experimental dance theatre

'To some degree all art is about humanity’s search - it’s longing
for a transcendental quality through inspiration and expression.
True fulfilment comes not through goals but through the process of life.
As an artist I find this experiencing arises
when inspiration and expression are in one flow.'
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